Zero carbon footprint bio-allocated stretch hood film

The first zero carbon footprint stretch hood made from bio-allocated polyethylene is here. By combining our environmental focus with our knowledge, expertise and product development we are able to offer a Triogreen stretch hood with up to 105 % reduction of carbon footprint. The product is available in three stretch qualities based on an ISCC PLUS certification.


What is an ISCC PLUS certification?

ISCC, International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, is a globally leading certification system which provides traceability and certification in the entire supply chain. The Triogreen stretch hood is externally monitored under the ISCC umbrella.

Triogreen Super Stretch 60

With up to 98% bio-allocated PE content this film contributes to our green vision by reducing carbon footprint by 105%. A quality which fits all stretch hood machines, with a pre-stretch up to 60%.

Triogreen Super Stretch 80

The film is specially designed to pack different pallet sizes with only one film (one size fits all) with a pre-stretch up to 80%. It consists of up to 85% bio-allocated PE content with a 95% carbon footprint reduction.

Triogreen Super Stretch Stiff

Designed for transport and high load stability with a pre-stretch up to 50%. The film consists of up to 70% bio-allocated PE content with a 70% carbon footprint reduction, it is especially suitable for light weight, heavy duty and hot climates.

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