Marie-Claire Lepicier

"Exceeding expectations"

The best part of my job is the customer contact and the trust that’s developed between us over our many years together,” says Marie-Claire Lépicier. She started her career at Trioworld as a sales assistant. Today she is the head of sales administration in the French plant.

“I want to meet, and preferably exceed, customers’ expectations of us,” she says. “My colleagues and I know our customers so well that we have a clear understanding of their needs.” Delivery assurance, quotations to be sent, orders to be entered, deliveries to be scheduled and monitored. Marie-Claire and her two associates in her department have plenty of variation in their workday. And Marie- Claire sees that as a source of inspiration.

She knows that what they do every day makes it possible for other departments to do a good job. For example, their continuous follow-up after sales. “We monitor our sales so that we and our planning department can ensure that production is keeping pace with the orders,” she says.

Marie-Claire thinks it’s important to always think of customer benefit. “Following up on sales and monitoring orders from supplier to customer is something we do to ensure that all deliveries arrive at the customer as ordered.”