When only the best is good enough

New product in 500mm to cover more machines

In recent years, silage and haylage have become more popular as forage in horse business. Especially horses with respiratory problems profit from this dust-free alternative to hay, but also those that have high nutrient requirements. With our HorseWrap range, we have been offering haylage producers a secure product fit for the special needs, for years now.

HorseWrap is optimized for mature grass and tough conditions with high puncture resistance and tear strength.

As the demand for haylage, particularly in small bales, is growing, as well as the number of small bale machines. Listening to our customer’s needs, we can now offer our special product for haylage also in 500mm, so that the unique product now covers even more machines.

In addition, we are also continuing the success story of our pink bales by offering the charity color pink in a 500 mm Horsewrap product.