Trioplast restructures production to deliver protective equipment

TrioKlappTM has seen the light of day. 100,000 protective aprons per day leave Trioplast's factory Mo Industri in Bottnaryd for further transport to Sweden's healthcare and home care personnel.

Everyone knows that the world has been affected by a pandemic called Coronavirus or Covid-19. When the virus reached Sweden's borders, we at Trioplast were asked if we could help provide protective equipment for health care workers. We assessed the opportunities for rebuilding production and providing care with two types of aprons initially as good: TrioKlappTM, a sleeveless protective apron, and TrioMummelTM, a protective apron with sleeves.

The project start for the protective equipment was March 16, 2020. Personnel with expertise in medical materials was put in a team together with staff focused on production technology. In just a few weeks, the project went from idea generation to product phase and on the 8th of April the large-scale production of TrioKlappTM began.

TrioKlappTM is a protective apron that is adapted to protect medical and home care personnel when sampling and treating patients. The apron is made of waterproof and liquid repellent plastic - soft and comfortable to wear. The apron is extra-long to protect the calves and is made in a universal size to suit everyone.