Trioplast and Spendrups enter a sustainable partnership

Trioplast and Spendrups Brewery have entered a partnership and reached a business agreement that extends over three years with an option for two more.

“It feels very good that we have finally reached an agreement where both sides feel that they had a say in it. Both, Trioplast and Spendrups, have been open to change along the way and have clearly shown how important it is to have a collaboration regarding sustainability issues”, says Daniel Birgerstam, Key Account Manager and responsible for the agreement at Trioplast Industrial Film division.

The agreement is based on most common objectives and contains clear goals linked to these. There is a joint effort to achieve quality-assured load stability, and with the help of Trioplast's packaging and safety center in Smålandsstenar, the parties can test their packaging solutions together to find the best configuration regarding primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. Of course, there is a focus on the pallet packaging, which consists of either a stretch film or a stretch hood produced by Trioplast.

“Working together to fulfill the new cargo securing directives based on the EUMOS standard and having sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint in mind at the same time makes this incredibly exciting. I am really looking forward to starting the collaboration”, says Umut Isik, Key Account Manager and responsible for the agreement at Trioplast Stretch Film division.

Both parties have high demands for a more sustainable packaging solution, something that is clearly reflected in the agreement's objectives and letters. The focus is on both, optimization and recyclability, but also on the use of recycled and renewable raw materials as a natural development of the collaboration. The agreement contains goals linked to the environmental impact of the choice of packaging, with a great effort to aim for a fossil-free packaging solution by 2025.

“Acting sustainable is of high priority for us at Spendrups Brewery, and in our work with packaging materials, we are constantly working to find solutions where we can use recycled materials or materials from renewable sources. At the same time, we want to secure the function of our goods regarding load safety through EUMOS tests and we see that we can achieve this in the partnership with Trioplast”, says Björn Deborg, strategic buyer at Spendrups Brewery.

The agreement enters into force on 01-01-2021 and covers all unprinted plastic film that Spendrups Brewery consumes at the facilities in Grängesberg and Hällefors in Sweden.