Grand opening

The new facility with testing equipment according to the EUMOS 40509 method enables emergency break simulation of your transport packaging. This will help you comply with the demands stated in EU-Directive 2014/47 but more important we will guide you to safer transport packaging. Life matters.

The Trioplast Packaging and Safety Center opening on December 1st
It is the Nordic region's only test center for load securing and our hope is to prevent unnecessary accidents caused by transport packaging not being secured in the right way.

The world of logistics and transportation has significantly changed during the last few years with increased focus on road safety. This has resulted in newly established directive , laws and methods of validation that adequately govern the current state of the industry.

Trioplast embrace this development and emphasize the importance of rigid transport packaging as a crucial part of the total load containment in the Cargo transport unit (CTU). If the base of the pyramid isn't solid the final load securing into the CTU will be extremely difficult or even impossible to achieve.

Layers of actions to ensure safety

Understanding the complexity of safe load securing is essential and there is never a universal way to solve all challenges. To ensure safe cargo securing you need to have a perspective beyond the actual transport vehicle. If the load unit itself is unstable, due to the primary and secondary packaging, packaging patterns or inappropriate transport packaging, you are likely to fail in the next step of the logistic process. The base of the pyramid needs to be solid.

Project safety

The team from Trioplast Packaging and Safety Center will together with you set target and scope after analyzing the present situation. Once the targets are set, we start to optimize your transport packaging accordingly. Next step will be to validate the results according to EUMOS 40509. The tests are thoroughly documented according to the standard and enclosed to the project report. Finally, we assist you in the implementation to ensure safety and legal compliance.