Trioplast work internationally for recycling

Recently it was decided that Sweden will host a new international working group within ISO for plastic recycling. This was decided at the annual ISO meeting held in Japan in early October. The convenor of the group is Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson, Innovation and Sustainability Director at Trioplast.

"We have been working for this for over a year, so it's great that we have reached our goal. There has been an intensive lobbying", says Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson, Convenor and Innovation and Sustainability Director at Trioplast. 

SIS, the Swedish Standards Institute, formed a Swedish working group about one and a half year ago, with focus on sustainable use of plastics. Since then, nearly 20 organizations and over 30 experts have joined the working group. At the beginning of 2018, support was also received from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which made it possible to establish the initiative internationally. 

The international group, "Mechanical and Chemical Recycling", will work to identify the needs of standards in the field. The group has participants from around ten countries, including Germany, China, France, India and the United States. 

"This is great. Sweden has created a platform that can affect how plastic will be recycled worldwide. Now it only applies to making the most of it”, says Johan Dahlgren, Project manager, SIS, Swedish Standards Institute.

The result will be published in the technical report Plastics - Recycling - State of the Art Review and the Needs of Standards The standard ISO 15270 Plastics - Guidelines for Recovery and Recycling of Plastics Waste will be revised.


About SIS: SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, has the government's mission to influence standards and represent Sweden in the European standardization within CEN and the global within ISO.

From left: Peng Liu- Volvo, Ignacy Jakubowics- RISE, Johan Dahlgren- SIS, Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson- Trioplast, Nazdaneh Yarahmadi - RISE, Lars Hälldahl- Hot Disk