HästKraft and trot trainer Peter Untersteiner visited Trioplast

HästKraft is market leader in quality assured forage for racehorses and a supplier to the majority of Sweden’s elite trainers in trotting. They are a customer of Trioplast. On Tuesday, February 20, they visited the Trioplast headquarters and production facility in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. Together with one of their end customers – the successful trot trainer Peter Untersteiner, they met Trioplast's employees to explain the value of Trioplast products.

Trioplast's HorseWrap® is one of the key factors for HästKraft's high-class feed so it maintains a high quality level and desired nutritional value for over a year after harvesting. A safe and stable nutritional value on the feed is of highest importance for trotters and other racehorses to perform at the top level. Simply the right conditions for the continued success of Peter Untersteiner and his stable. 

Trioplast silage stretch film HorseWrap® has been developed and tested in cooperation with experts at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and horse owners around Scandinavia.


From left: Peter Untersteiner (Untersteiner Training AB), Sven-Inge Thörnvall and Malin Thörnvall (HästKraft i Sverige AB)