Trioplast SIFAB develops unique film for timber packaging

Exciting product development for the sawmill industry

What once began with the manufacturing of wrapping for SCA’s timber packages has now grown into an industry that delivers customised plastic packaging for a large number of products, primarily in the forest industry. Sifab, an acronym for Sågverkens inköps- och försäljningsaktiebolag (“Sawmill Purchasing and Sales Limited Liability Company”), was acquired by Trioplast in 1997. Since it began operations in the early 1990s, Sifab’s niche has been the forest industry, and the company was a Trioplast customer long before the acquisition.

In parallel with the daily operations, the company is also pursuing an exciting innovation project in product development. It involves a special film for a unique machine for the sawmill industry. It is a stretch hood machine for timber packages, of which there are still only a few in the world: a few in Sweden as the only European country, and a few more in the US and Canada, where it was originally developed. The customised film was developed with countries in mind where people deal with snow and frost, and it therefore has slip protection to protect people and loads. The sawn timber in the timber package weighs around 3–4 tonnes and multiple packages are often stacked up in piles. High friction is thus required for the surface of the packaging in order to prevent the people working with the timber package or the timber package itself from slipping off and causing injury.