We Are Yellow

You have probably seen pink and blue bales among the fields in Europe and worldwide. Next step in our charity work are yellow bales to support childhood cancer foundations.

The idea of our colorful bales is originally from a customer of our distributor in New Zealand. The pink and blue bales have now been recognized internationally and we have contributed to local charity organizations around the world. In total, the pink and blue campaigns have raised 4.5 million SEK to support breast and prostate cancer!

The yellow film will be launched in New Zealand and Australia during autumn 2017. The contribution will continue as before, the money that is raised is equally contributed from Trioplast, Agpac/Tapex and the end-customer. The yellow campaign will also take place in several European countries. Additional information will be presented before the 2018 season starts. 

We are very proud and thankful for the positive outcome of these campaigns and look forward to season 2017/18.

For more information please contact:

Per Holtstrand
CEO Division Stretch Film
+46 371 345 22

Göran Ericson
Market Director Agri
+46 371 346 70

Anders Larsson
Product Manager Agri
+46 371 346 50