Webinar - The truth about LCA and plastic packaging


April 7th 2022 at 10 am CEST

A Trioworld Webinar

Sustainability is a top priority for many companies, with a big variety of sustainability assessment platforms and tools currently being used. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is one of these tools and LCA results are increasingly requested by customers, legislations, and financiers.

Although a lot of us have had contact with LCA, it can still seem a bit of a mystery of how exactly it works. Is it just 'throwing' a bunch of CO2 data from a flashy webpage together? The short answer is 'No'.

Given this misconception and the wide use of LCA in critical decision making, we need to create a basic understanding of how LCA works and what it can be used for.

In this webinar we will look into the fundamentals of LCA, what it can be used for and what it should not be used for.

Key take aways

After attending this webinar, you will have a basic understanding of how an LCA is conducted and what are the benefits of LCA for your company.


  • Basics of a Life Cycle Analysis
  • Traditional uses for LCA in a company
  • Additional uses for LCA in a company
  • The Value of supplier specific LCA
  • What an LCA is not
  • Conclusions

Time: April 7th 2022 at 10 am CEST

Duration: 35-40 minutes

Speaker: Christin Liptow 

Location: Online webinar

Who should sign up for this webinar: 

People working with Procurement, Sustainability Managers, Compliance employees & Product developers.

Christin Liptow


Group Sustainability and LCA Expert

I have been working with sustainability for 13+ years now, covering a broad variety of topics (LCA, GHG scope 1-3, circularity, human rights, and sustainability compliance), sectors (global retail and international manufacturing) and scales of projects (inter/national and company-wide). During this time a lot of focus has been on plastics, starting with my PhD on bio-based ethylene, the building block on polyethylene (PE), UN projects on the environmental impact of single use plastics and now at Trioworld, where I'm supporting our teams in their sustainability questions and quests.