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WasteWrap® is specifically designed for wrapping different kinds of waste. The film can be applied on both round- and square bales with the same good results. 

The film has high tear- and puncture strength which means it can withstand the stresses that arise when wrapping, but also the handling when transporting the bales. It has high tensile strength, which means that film is well suited for wrapping heavier waste.  WasteWrap has a high adhesion quality between the film layers which encapsulates the material but also reduces the risk of leakage and undesirable odors. 


Waste wrap film

  • Specifically designed for wrapping RDF and household waste
  • High tear- and puncture strength for safe application and handling
  • Good adhesion between the layers prevents water ingress and reduces undesirable odors
  • Light colour reduces heat build-up, and thereby reducing unwanted bacterial growth in the bales in outdoor storage
  • UV stabilization guaranteed for minimum 12 months
  • Well establishes and accepted within the waste industry

Mantle film

Net Replacement Film

Mantle film together with high quality waste wrap film simplifies handling with more compact and stable bales. Waste wrap film and mantle film can be opened and removed in a single step. This means that manual handling can be minimized by using an automatic opener. The waste films can then be recy­cled in the same waste fraction, which saves a lot of time-consuming work.

Film On Film

Mantle film and waste wrap film, a superb combination

By using a combination of our products each bale of waste you produce has the best possible foundations for efficient han­dling and maximum financial yield.