June 14th 2022 at 10 am CEST

A Trioworld & RecyClass Webinar

Sustainability is a top priority for many companies, and therefore, when producing plastic products it is important to not only produce recyclable products but also to be able to trace and certify the amount of recycled content in the products in a reliable and transparent way.

One of the ways to do so, is by using the RecyClass certification scheme to prove recycled content in the products. 

For this webinar we have invited RecyClass to talk about the Plastics Traceability Certification and why it is so important to have a transparent, trustworthy and third-party assurance of the recycled plastics in the products that are certified. One of the reasons is the upcoming EU demands for recycled content as well as the rise of consumer demands for more recycled plastic and higher sustainability goals.

Further Trioworld will join the conversation and tell you about the current status of RecyClass certifications within Trioworld, and why Trioworld has chosen RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification to prove PCR content in its products.


Key take aways

After attending this webinar, you will understand the need for having certifications on the recycled content in plastic products and understand how are using RecyClass certifications.


  • What is RecyClass
  • Why have Trioworld chosen Recyclass
  • Why it is important to verify recycled content to meet the upcoming demands in Europe as well as meeting sustainability goals.
  • Curent status of Recyclass certifications within Trioworld
  • Conclusions

Time: June 14th 2022 at 10 am CEST

Duration: 45-50 minutes

Speakers: RecyClass with Fabrizio Digregorio & Mireia Boada & Trioworld with Kristin Geidemark Olofsson & Eva Hultén

Location: Online webinar

Who should sign up for this webinar: 

People working with Procurement, Sustainability Managers, Compliance employees & Product developers.

Want to know more about RecyClass? 

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