Triogreen® FFS Film made from bio-allocated polyethylene

CO2 neutral* and certified Form-Fill-Seal Film with superior performance

At Trioworld we specialize in high-quality Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) Flat Film solutions for automatic high-speed packaging installations. We are constantly innovating our FFS products to reduce carbon footprint as much as possible and to lead the way within sustainable industrial film solutions on a global scale. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce the first certified bio-allocated FFS Flat Film made from up to 98% bio-allocated polyethylene. The Triogreen® FFS Film reduces environmental impact with up to 100% compared to fossil-based material, making it CO2 neutral, all the while maintaining superior quality on tear strength, packaging speed, and process stability.

All our Triogreen® products are based on fossil-free, green, and renewable polyethylene with a carbon footprint next to zero. Based on feedstock derived from eg. sugarcanes, our Triogreen® polyethylene is highly sustainable and renewable – without ever compromising on performance and quality aspects like puncture and tear strength.


Highest Performance

Width up to 2800 mm and a thickness from 60 to 120μm the bio-allocated film has a 100% comparable performance and quality to fossil-based film.

Carbon Neutral

Made from renewable resources, Triogreen reduces the environmental impact of the film with a zero-carbon footprint. In addition, the film is 100% recyclable.

ISCC Plus Certified

ISCC PLUS ensures full traceability. This means, guaranteed environmental and social responsibility, zero-deforestation and biodiversity.

Highest level of sustainability

The new state-of-the-art Triogreen® FFS Flat Film comes in two top-performing qualities: Triogreen® FFS Premium and Triogreen® FFS Ultra Seal. Both variants are certified with the renowned ISCC Plus Certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), which ensures a fully traceable background throughout the full supply chains. The certification is also a highly regarded stamp of approval when it comes to environmental & social responsibility, protection of bio-diverse lands, compliance with human rights and international treaties, and commitment to zero-deforestation. Our goal is to produce the best FFS Flat Film in the world – with the highest performance and the highest level of sustainability – and the new Triogreen® products are a big step towards that goal.

Learn about the benefits of ISCC and TrioGreen

Tailored for individual requirements

Our Triogreen® FFS Flat Film solutions can be customized to perfectly suit individual requirements and needs. This ensures optimal production flow and top-performance levels of load stability, line speed, and branding opportunities. FFS Flat Film is suitable for high-speed packaging lines including a wide range of applications ranging from peat moss, wood pellets, and sand, to granules, powder, and animal feed.

Learn about the benefits of ISCC and TrioGreen

Clarity within 24 hours

If you would like to know more about our FFS film solutions and how they can help your company, fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Our Triogreen® FFS Flat Film products offer manufacturers a premium FFS solution that is both high-performing and highly sustainable, giving you an opportunity to be CO2 neutral without compromising on the quality of your packaging and the safety of your goods.

*Triogreen Film made with up to 98% bio-allocated PE, based on the mass balance principle and documented by our ISCC Plus Certification. The PE is carbon neutral based on a cradle-to-gate LCA of Trioworld A/S. The total carbon footprint of the product depends on industrial use and disposal.