The benefits of Load Stability

Improving the load stability of your freight transport isn't just better for your company, it's beneficial to everyone. Unstable cargo can lead to cargo failures, and cargo failures lead to economic, waste and safety issues.

Safety, sustainability and savings
Firstly, proper load stability increases the safety of transport. Unstable pallets are an accident waiting to happen. In fact, 25% of all road accidents involving trucks are caused by poorly secured cargo and unstable loads. If pallets lack stability, they might knock against each other, or even fall over. Worst case scenario, the load will be driving the truck, instead of the other way around!

Besides the safety aspect, re-packaging and re-transporting detracts from your sustainability targets. Consider the extra amount of packaging and stretch film you'll need as well as the extra miles on the road. Not to mention the waste generated by damaged goods, in product as well as in possible spillage. By increasing load stability, damage and wastage can be avoided, reducing the environmental impact.

Finally, load stability is cost-effective: damage costs time and money. Obviously, because of re-packing and re-transporting the damaged goods. A less apparent effect is damage to your reputation or brand.

Hidden benefits
And here's another benefit of load stability: it will also lower your TCO, your total cost of ownership. At Trioworld, we use a high-quality technical approach with our stretch films, by looking at the complete picture of load, stretch film and wrapper. This enables us to determine the TCO.

  • A high performance stretch film reduces the risk of breakage during the wrapping process, which means less downtime on the machine, often a significant part of the TCO.
  • Stretch film strengthens the holding force of the pallet, keeping everything in place and in one piece. This means no disruptions during transport.

Stretch film is essentially a high-tech product. Because it's made up of multiple layers, we're able to produce a variety of films, each with its own unique properties. Such as high-puncture resistance films, creating perfect load stability while using thinner film. Because we're downgauging, we're reducing the amount of film, as well as lowering the costs and CO2 emissions.

Besides this, we have a strong commitment to develop stretch films with recycled content. We already have several products in our range containing up to 75% recycled material. These products are called ‘Loop’

With our 'lean approach' Trioworld strives to reduce the amount of material used for an application, while still maintaining or even improving the performance. Using less material contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

New regulations on load stability
More and more companies are aware of this aspect. They want to reduce the cost per pallet but still have good load stability. At the same time, awareness about load stability and safety is growing. More and more customers ask us to check their load stability. They feel the need for safe pallets, with proper load stability.

This turnaround is partly the result of new laws on load stability, since the EUMOS quality standards came into effect. EUMOS has implemented guidelines about load stability on the pallets.

In-house test centres
With our EUMOS-accredited services we help our customers achieve load stability, and the correct certificates needed for safe transport. We're able to do this in our new, state-of-the-art test centre in Sweden, by performing various acceleration and tilting tests to determine to what degree the pallet can move or tilt before the boxes on the pallet start to move. Depending on the results, we optimise the transport packaging so you can set off safely on your way.

You see, then, load stability has numerous benefits: better safety, less damage, less film, reduced plastic consumption, a lower cost per pallet – and a lower total cost of ownership.