Tailormade Industrial Films – Tough, uncompromising performance

Trioworld PE-films provide tailormade packaging solutions with essential strength (even in the thinnest option), an outstanding printing surface for brand communication and make a sustainable impact on consumer packaging.


Perfect for printed roll material and bags. Trioworld PE-films for tailormade industrial packaging is developed explicitly for printed roll material and blank- or printed- bags. The films are available in up to three different layers and have a thickness variation from 20µm to 100µm.

Flexible and customized printing solutions. We offer high-quality flexography printing in up to up to 8 colors. We can also cater to customized industrial film needs and requirements. 

Opportunities to lower your carbon footprint further. Trioworld also offers industrial films in Triogreen™ and Trioloop™. Triogreen™ PE-film is made using fossil-free raw materials providing a very low carbon footprint, but with no loss in performance. The Triogreen™ product range is available in 25-90% of Green PE options.

Trioloop™ is our brand for polyethylene film containing between 25-60% of recycled material without any loss in performance compared to fossil-based PE-film products. Trioloop™ does have slightly lower optical properties since it contains more gels than virgin film. Both Triogreen™ PE and Trioloop™ PE films are 100% recyclable.

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