Films for Surgical Drapes – Barrier effective and durable

Trioworld PE films for surgical drapes provide effective barrier protection for patients and clinicians, add durability to the drapes and resistance to static.


Blown, cast embossed or laminate films. Our PE-films for surgical drapes are not only soft and drapeable but work to provide the perfect barrier in the final product. They can be made from blown, cast embossed or laminates and are developed to prevent static electricity. All films can be sterilized, and both surfaces can be individually colored. In-line corona treatment and different friction levels are available for laminates according to customer specifications. Our Trioboss™ and Triobond™ specifications are:

  • Trioboss™ is a cast embossed film for surgical drapes and comes in a variety of low weights from 13 gsm to 100 gsm. The films are also available in custom made colors and prints.
  • Triobond™ laminates for surgical drapes are produced as strip coated or hot melted textile back sheets. They can be made from 16 gsm to 60 gsm

Go green with Triogreen™. Our Triogreen™ sustainable films for surgical drapes offer precisely the same performance and characteristics as our regular PE products, but with the competitive advantage of a lower environmental impact by using responsibly sourced bio-based raw materials. The PE film is also 100% recyclable, so it is easy to go green and meet future environmental regulatory and consumer demands.

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Product benefits

  • High-performance final product barrier films
  • Soft, safe and drapeable films and laminate films
  • Reduce your environmental impact with our Triogreen™ and Trioloop™ PE films to meet increasing demands for sustainable medical products.
  • Improved lamination strength using In-line corona treatment and different friction levels
  • Films developed to eliminate static electricity





Up to 2 colours in-line


Up to 6 colours


Dual/Combo printing

PE non-woven

Smart Tracer

PP non-woven


Viscos non-woven


Cotton non-woven


Bico non-woven

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