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Stretch hood is a packaging method for pallet packaging that provides many advantages, not least compared to alternative methods – ranging from speed of wrapping, cost reductions, outdoor storage possibilities and high quality print ensuring perfect branding opportunities. Moreover, with a high performance Stretch hood you ensure the safety of both your products and people. 

Functionality and quality are key criteria when we customize our films to match your pallet packaging needs. The film works perfectly regardless of changes in machine settings, humidity or temperature. Trioworld are in the forefront when it comes to innovation and we continuously work on product improvement and optimization. Our goal is to produce the world’s best Stretch hood film. 

Our assortment includes a variety of sustainable solutions - read more about our Stretch hood solutions with up to 50% recycled material

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What are the applications of a Stretch hood?

Stretch hoods are applicable in a wide range of industries such as; Chemical & Polymer, Building & Construction, Food & Drink and Logistic & Transport. Vertical or horizontal usage.

Stretch hoods are used for;

  • Transport packaging of palletized products (primary, secondary or tertiary packaging)
  • Packaging of separate products such as white goods or the like (primary packaging )
  • When it is not possible to use stretch film 

Advantages of using a Stretch hood

  • High throughput and efficiency due to high line speed with up to 320 pallets pr. hour
  • Cost reduction – due to low material use, low waste, low energy consumption and automatic packaging process
  • Reduced complexity using the same film for different load sizes - based on stretch, holding force and strength
  • High transport security - due to superior load stability
  • Protection against rain, wind, UV, dust and dirt – with up to 6-sided packaging that protects the products all the way around
  • Protection against theft
  • Brand- and product communication opportunities to increase brand value
  • Barcode reading – due to high transparency and print options
  • No fire or explosion risk compared with Shrink film
  • 100% recyclable

Sustainable Solutions 

Trioworld is proud to have developed the first Stretch hood film made from 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene. With our Loop brand for recycled polyethylene, Trioworld aims to be in the vanguard of new developments within innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Part of that ambition is to produce the world’s best and most sustainable Stretch hood film.

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