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Stretch hood is a packaging method for pallet packaging that provides many advantages, not least compared to alternative methods – ranging from cost reductions to handling and marketing potential. Functionality and quality are key criteria when we customize our films to match your specific product. The film works perfectly regardless of changes in machine settings, humidity or temperature. Trioworld are in forefront when it comes to innovation and we continuously work on product improvement and optimization. Our goal is to produce the world’s best stretch hood film.    

CEO Strøjer Tegl

Jørgen Strøjer

High quality is what counts, whether we're talking about suppliers or cars


  • Transport packaging of palletised products (primary, secondary or tertiary packaging)
  • Packaging of separate products such refrigerators or the like (primary packaging) 

Product benefits

  • High quality minimising downtime
  • Stretch hood provides a high and superior load stability
  • Stretch hood provides 6-sided packaging protecting the products all the way around
  • Effective protection against wind and weather as well as dust. It is even possible to protect your products against discolouring by using a UV-filter. 
  • High transparency which enables brand-and product positioning increasing brand value
  • Due to the films flexibility, holding force and strength, you can use the same film for different load sizes
  • No fire or explosion risk compared with shrink film