We are stable


With our shrink film, you are guaranteed maximum protection of your products/goods against external factors such as wind and weather. Shrink film gains its holding force through a process of thermal exposure followed by natural cooling making the film stiff. When the film has cooled down, you obtain a high holding force both lengthwise and crosswise. This ensures a high stability of the products or pallets during transportation and in the warehouse. Of course, all our films are 100% recyclable.


Shrink film is used for both automatic and manual packaging of palletised goods, as well as for packaging of products with and without a tray as e.g. mineral water or soft drinks or canned goods. The film is also applicable for products as books, magazines, white goods, sanitary products or building materials such as bricks or cement.

Product benefits

  • Maximum protection against wind and weather during transportation and in the warehouse
  • High load stability
  • High product and brand visibility through transparent film
  • Brand value due to print or colouring of the film
  • Shrink film protects the goods “gently” without adding any kind of pressure