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Do you need a heavy-duty sack that works on a construction site? Then, the same type of sack that you use in your gardening will not work. Do you clean in your garage? Then you need a sack that can handle tougher conditions than sack bag you might use when cleaning your office. Simply put, the kind of sack should always be adapted to what it should be used for.

K1® Basic

Sack for cleaning/gardening

Classical black sacks with good quality for cleaning or gardening.

K2® Premium

Sacks for heavier waste

Sacks suitable for gardening and park work, where demands are high in terms of strength, to be able to cope with heavier branches. These sacks are also suitable for garage cleaning and when renovation work. 

K3® Pro

Building sack

The professional’s choice. Trioworld’s K3 sacks can handle the most demanding applications.