A “game changer” to the recycling industry

StandAlone sack is a great solution for handling recycled materials such as waste, textile, return packaging and other items that are handled in large quantities. It is worth gold for logistics, the environment and your economy. StandAlone is a product that has the same environmental thinking as the one that permeates the entire Trioworld.

The StandAlone bag is designed to create effective handling from start to finish. It is easy to assemble and ready for use. Easy to close and handle when it is filled. Easy to stack and handle while transporting it, it features functional features like convenient tape, grip holes and more. It is easy to reuse and/or recycle to new sacks. Plastic is lighter and fills less than other materials, which means a lower environmental impact in transport than for example cardboard, wire trays or plastic containers. StandAlone can be made in new PE or with up to 98% recyclable material. It can either be used over and over or through recycling go directly back in the production of new sacks.

StandAlone is good for the economy. StandAlone is not only profitable; it is also easier to handle and to transport. It saves time through the entire value chain and reduces transport costs.