The smart solution

At Trioworld we have a wide assortment of products that together form a smart and functional solution for your deposit system. We have great expertise and several customized solutions that are developed in collaboration with Scandinavian operations. There is possibility to create unique sacks with barcodes and/or a RFID, to trace the sacks and make sure that there is a deposit being paid when returned. The products are made with 98 % recycled material. 

The StandAlone sack has been designed for efficient handling from start to finish. The StandAlone sack can replace cardboard cartons and plastic vessels, resulting in a cleaner back room, quicker management and greater utilisation: a cheaper solution, which can also be recycled. The StandAlone is available in sizes from ¼ to 1/1 EUR-pallet. Designed with functional details such as practical tape, grip holes, etc. 

Reverse vending sack
The reverse vending sack has been designed for use in households, for the collection of packaging with deposit. Every sack is unique with a bar code/RFID. Particularly suitable for households that buy groceries online. Available in several different sizes and thicknesses depending on the category of deposit to be managed: glass, PET bottles or cans.

Loose sacks/Sacks on roll
Loose sacks/Sacks on rolls are mainly used for manual reversevending systems. The sacks are customized for each country’s reversevendingt system and therefore vary in quality, thicknesses and colour.

PE- liners are used in those machines that are equipped with plastic containers or cardboard boxes. The liners are there to protect the cartons against moisture while keeping the containers clean. The dimensions of the liners are adapted to each country’s system, and it is possible to get them in several colours and thicknesses.