(both small and large ones)

Trioworld offers smart TRIO-INSIDE plastic container lining for small and large trash cans as well as underground landfills. The container lining is delivered on a roll or as separate bags and is easy to assemble in the bin. TRIO-INSIDE is a simple, cheap and solution with care for the environment. By using container lining from Trioworld, you ensure that moisture and food waste is not settled in the bin itself. 

A dirty trash will eventually smell badly, especially during the summer, and create inconveniences for both residents, neighbors and cleaning workers. But it is not just the smell that is a problem, a dirty waste bin implies a higher risk of bacterial development. The problem arises when the household waste does not come into the bin, but directly in the it or when the sacks has not been properly closed or damaged. 

The TRIO-INSIDE rollers are produced with 13 container lining in each roll. For the bin to be clean for an entire year, it is necessary to use about 2-4 rolls per year. Some try to clean the bin by rinsing it with water instead of using waste bags. Often, the trash cannot be completely cleaned by water only, and instead, strong detergents are used which pollute and strain the environment unnecessarily.