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Sack from Trioworld Nyborg are equally suitable for the easier waste as for the heavy-duty waste. The sacks are applicable in many different industries and are used by both the amateur and the professional craftsmen. The sacks are mainly made of recycled LDPE. The product range is very wide and includes everything from the classic garbage sack to the customer-specific StandAlone bag. All production of bags in Nyborg is based on our customers' needs.


These sacks are made in a quality adapted for easier waste. The sacks are for example used by cleaning and catering industries. The sacks are produced in many different colours , thicknesses and dimensions by recycled material.


These sacks are made in a quality where demands are higher on both strength and tear resistance. The sacks are excellent for house-cleaning or waste separations at source. The sacks are produced in many different colours, thicknesses and dimensions by recycled material and with a less amount of waste in production.


These sacks are made in a quality where demands are even higher in terms of strength and tear resistance. The sacks are preferentially used by the professional craftmen and is produced in many different colours , thicknesses and dimensions by recycled material and with a less amount of waste in production. The sacks keep a high level of quality standard.



A “game changer” to the recycling industry

StandAlone sack is a great solution for handling recycled materials such as waste, textile, return packaging and other items that are handled in large quantities. It is worth gold for logistics, the environment and your economy. StandAlone is a product that has the same environmental thinking as the one that permeates the entire Trioworld.

The StandAlone bag is designed to create effective handling from start to finish. It is easy to assemble and ready for use. Easy to close and handle when it is filled. Easy to stack and handle while transporting it, it features functional features like convenient tape, grip holes and more. It is easy to reuse and/or recycle to new sacks. Plastic is lighter and fills less than other materials, which means a lower environmental impact in transport than for example cardboard, wire trays or plastic containers. StandAlone can be made in new PE or with up to 98% recyclable material. It can either be used over and over or through recycling go directly back in the production of new sacks.

StandAlone is good for the economy. StandAlone is not only profitable; it is also easier to handle and to transport. It saves time through the entire value chain and reduces transport costs.


Handling recycled materials such as waste, textile, return packaging and other items to be handled in large quantities.


  • High film quality with superior stability
  • Easy to install and handle
  • The sack is made of up to 98 % recycled plastics
  • The sack is 100% recyclable
  • Efficiency in logistics (no plastic containers or other to be transported back and forth)
  • Reduced environmental impact through transport (it is easier/weigh less = less CO2)
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Possibility to print on the sacks creates brand exposure
  • Possibility to make each bag unique (QR codes, barcodes, RFID etc.)
  • Less space needed during storing and transport
  • Cheaper than the other options (plastic containers, wire basket, carton)


The smart solution

At Trioworld we have a wide assortment of products that together form a smart and functional solution for your deposit system. We have great expertise and several customized solutions that are developed in collaboration with Scandinavian operations. There is possibility to create unique sacks with barcodes and/or a RFID, to trace the sacks and make sure that there is a deposit being paid when returned. The products are made with 98 % recycled material. 

The StandAlone sack has been designed for efficient handling from start to finish. The StandAlone sack can replace cardboard cartons and plastic vessels, resulting in a cleaner back room, quicker management and greater utilisation: a cheaper solution, which can also be recycled. The StandAlone is available in sizes from ¼ to 1/1 EUR-pallet. Designed with functional details such as practical tape, grip holes, etc. 

Reverse vending sack
The reverse vending sack has been designed for use in households, for the collection of packaging with deposit. Every sack is unique with a bar code/RFID. Particularly suitable for households that buy groceries online. Available in several different sizes and thicknesses depending on the category of deposit to be managed: glass, PET bottles or cans.

Loose sacks/Sacks on roll
Loose sacks/Sacks on rolls are mainly used for manual reversevending systems. The sacks are customized for each country’s reversevendingt system and therefore vary in quality, thicknesses and colour.

PE- liners are used in those machines that are equipped with plastic containers or cardboard boxes. The liners are there to protect the cartons against moisture while keeping the containers clean. The dimensions of the liners are adapted to each country’s system, and it is possible to get them in several colours and thicknesses.



Separation at source, for each citizen

Waste is a valuable resource, but it is important, for both the environment and the economy, that the waste is sorted properly. The sacks Trioworld offer a good support and a flexible solution that fits the source sorting. The sacks can be produced in several sizes, different transparent colours and with print that clearly shows which fractions are to be placed in the bag for recycling. No matter which solution you choose, a possible change of fractions means a small investment for you as it is only the print or bag color that needs to be changed


  • Properly sorted waste creates high value
  • Less sorting afterwards
  • Flexible – suits various applications
  • Hygienic
  • Enables many different waste fractions
  • User-friendly
  • Quick visual inspection of the sorting
  • Safe and clean environment for the citizen
  • The sacks can be recycled


(both small and large ones)

Trioworld offers smart TRIO-INSIDE plastic container lining for small and large trash cans as well as underground landfills. The container lining is delivered on a roll or as separate bags and is easy to assemble in the bin. TRIO-INSIDE is a simple, cheap and solution with care for the environment. By using container lining from Trioworld, you ensure that moisture and food waste is not settled in the bin itself. 

A dirty trash will eventually smell badly, especially during the summer, and create inconveniences for both residents, neighbors and cleaning workers. But it is not just the smell that is a problem, a dirty waste bin implies a higher risk of bacterial development. The problem arises when the household waste does not come into the bin, but directly in the it or when the sacks has not been properly closed or damaged. 

The TRIO-INSIDE rollers are produced with 13 container lining in each roll. For the bin to be clean for an entire year, it is necessary to use about 2-4 rolls per year. Some try to clean the bin by rinsing it with water instead of using waste bags. Often, the trash cannot be completely cleaned by water only, and instead, strong detergents are used which pollute and strain the environment completely unnecessarily.


  • High quality for hosuhold waste
  • Easy to assemble in the bin
  • Ensures that moisture and food waste are not settled in the bin itself.
  • Reduces the smell
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial development, as well as flies and caterpillars
  • No need for cleaning the bin
  • Reduces environmental impact when strong detergents are not needed
  • The film is made by recycled material
  • Use 2-4 reels per year, which means a minimum of storage