We offer protective clothing - locally produced with recycled raw material & with a CE-mark

Our protective clothing is made with recycled raw material and produced in Sweden and Denmark with high delivery accuracy - of course with a CE-mark and approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Our protective clothing is made of polyethylene plastic from a completely waterproof material and is soft and comfortable to wear. Our products are developed in collaboration with Swedish healthcare to ensure that our products are user-friendly and comfortable.

Protective clothing for Covid-19 (Corona), see our products TrioKlappTM and TrioMummelTM, TrioApron CORETM, TrioSafe LS PROTM and TrioSafe SS PROTM

Quality, durability and safety

All our plastic films in polyethylene* form a safe bacterial barrier to protect both operating personnel and patients in healthcare and home care. Protective clothing made from our PE films are also completely waterproof, durable and comfortable, has good puncture resistance and reduces the risk of static electricity. Our products are made from recycled raw material, has a CE-mark and approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

*Trioworld's plastic films for medical technology applications comply with the Medical Technology Directive (2017/745).


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