"It’s about preventing road accidents and saving lives," says Tomas Johansson, Product Development Manager at Trioworld.


On 1 December, Trioworld will open the doors to its Packaging & Safety Center in Smålandsstenar, Sweden and the company’s vision is clear – accidents caused by inadequate transport packaging and poorly secured loads should be minimised and, preferably, completely eradicated.

At the newly inaugurated Packaging & Safety Center, customers will be able to test their transport packaging solutions and how well they withstand acceleration, heavy braking and abnormal lateral motion. Today, poorly secured cargo and unstable loads cause 25% of all road accidents involving lorries, resulting in unnecessary personal injuries and deaths. This is an unacceptable figure and a major failing on the part of the entire transport sector.

Stricter cargo securing requirements in the EU

However, 20 May 2018 saw the introduction of a new, stricter EU directive on cargo securing. This was a move welcomed by Trioworld. The directive concerns all freight traffic passing through the EU and underlines the fact that everyone involved in the logistics chain also bears their share of the responsibility – from those developing and producing packaging through the carrier loading the cargo to the driver behind the wheel. Carelessness, ignorance and cost savings can, in best case scenarios, result in prosecution under OHS legislation; in worst case scenarios, they can result in fatal accidents.

Transport packaging assessment

Trioworld emphasises the importance of safe transport packaging solutions and the pivotal role they play in the overall cargo securing of a unit load. Another pivotal factor is a basic understanding of the complexity of cargo securing, which means that there is no single solution to the many challenges. However, there is one clear common denominator: the base of the pyramid must be robust. If this is not the case, the final cargo securing of the unit load will be extremely difficult – or even impossible – to achieve. This might be due to the primary or secondary packaging, the packing order or an unsuitable choice of transport packaging creating instability in the cargo and jeopardising the entire securing of the cargo.

How it works

Following an analysis of the overall logistics flow of your goods, together with the Trioworld team you establish a set of cargo safety goals. Once these goals have been established, we begin optimising the transport packaging, with the results validated in compliance with EUMOS 40509. The tests are thoroughly documented as per the standard and included in the project report. Finally, we help you to implement the optimised transport packaging solution.

For more information about our Packaging and Safety Center, please contact:

Tomas Johansson

Product Development Manager

Phone: +46 371 34635