Laminated films for tablecloths – Decorative, wipeable and long-lasting

Trioworld PE films for tablecloths are perfect for the lamination process, making a strong and colorful contribution to flexible and wipeable tablecloths.


Catering for colorful dining. Our printed PE-films developed specifically for lamination in tablecloth production. With an exceptional flexography print quality and 8 colors to choose from specific customer needs can be catered for.

Go green with Triogreen™. Our Triogreen™ PE films for laminated tablecloths come in several renewable material options from 25% up to 90% of the film material. Triogreen™ sustainable products offer precisely the same performance and characteristics as our regular PE products, but with the competitive advantage of a lower environmental impact and PE-films are 100% recyclable.

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Product benefits

  • Trioworld films for lamination are developed to provide good weldability and processability
  • High visual impact flexography printing in 8 colors and available in transparent and colored films for a decorative finish
  • All Trioworld films for laminated products are fully approved for the food industry
  • Reduce your environmental impact with our Triogreen™ and Trioloop™ films to meet increasing customer and consumer demands for sustainable products.
  • Support to meet future regulatory demands and maintain your competitive edge





Up to 7 colours + lacquer


Up to 8 colours


Dual/Combo printing


Tailor designed perforation


Smart Tracer






Seal layer


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