Delivering media with style and sustainable impact

Trioworld PE- and PP- films for media wraps provides the most balanced properties between visual appearance, protection and recyclability. Our films contribute to low weight packaging solutions and are based on renewable and recycled materials so that you can gain a healthy and sustainable competitive advantage. Our media wraps provide a circular recycling solution to help your customers and consumers reduce their environmental impact.



By using Trioworld packaging material, you can now offer the most environmentally friendly solution. Choose from Triogreen™ our responsibly sourced bio-based content, Trioloop™ our range of recycled content and/or Triolean™ our downgauged solution to reducing the material content without loss of performance.


Robust & strong

All our PE films and packaging solutions provide a robust, secure and customizable performance to meet the toughest media packaging demands


Easy to convert

Designing easy to process products that offer, for example, production advantages such as high weldability and puncture resistance are synonymous with all Trioworld products. Maintaining flowing and efficient production lines is a significant advantage we offer all our customers.


Branding & visual appeal

Our high-quality flexographic printing in up to 8 colors gives you the opportunity for enhanced visual appeal and brand communication.

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