What makes a stretch film the right choice for you depends on what type of goods you have, how they are packaged and what type of stretch film machine and settings you use. The goal is a safe packaging at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately stretch film is often seen as an end of line product. Which makes sense, as all the product look the same. There is however a big difference between the different types of stretch film or pallet wrap film. Just image a pallet with bottles of water, or a pallet with toilet paper. There is a huge difference in weight and the stability of the products. Choosing the right stretch film for these kind of pallet loads is essential to achieve load stability. This load stability is again essential to ship goods safe and damage free to the end customers. At Trioworld we are experts in load security. Our Sales Engineers can support you by choosing the right stretch film for your pallet loads and fully optimize your wrapping process. 

Trioworld is a large stretch film manufacturer and our product range consists of various Loop and Lean solutions. From stretch films with recycled content to ultra thin stretch films to minimize film consumption.