Bags for Inco – Smart, secure and sustainable solutions

Trioworld offers smart and secure solutions for your incontinence wicket bags for adult diapers to ensure efficient production, compact packaging and first-class hygiene.


Superior packaging and production performance. Trioworld offers high-performance, sustainable packaging for your incontinence products and comes in compact packaging alternatives to optimize space in both transport and storage. Our films for incontinence products and wicket bags are specifically developed for efficient, demanding high-speed production lines, while maintaining the visual properties and security of the packaging. 

Flexible and customized printing and labelling solutions. We offer high-quality flexographic printing in up to 8 colors to communicate your brand in retail stores. Our production lines offer in-line sticker application and unique coding for each bag if required. For easy opening, while maintaining product integrity, we offer customized perforations made by laser or through punching. 

Opportunities to lower your carbon footprint further. Trioworld offers incontinence products in green and recycled options - Triogreen™ and Trioloop™.

  • Triogreen™ PE-film is made using fossil-free renewable raw materials providing a very low carbon footprint, but with no loss in performance. The Triogreen™ product range is available in 25-90% of Green PE options.
  • Trioloop™ is our brand for polyethylene film containing between 25-60% of recycled material, also without any loss in performance compared to fossil-based PE-film products. Both Triogreen™ PE and Trioloop™ PE films are 100% recyclable.

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