Inco Diaper Films – Soft, safe and discrete

Our incontinence films and laminates for inco diapers help to create a sense of security for the user, provide discrete comfort and promote healthy skin.


Cast embossed breathable or laminates. Made from cast embossed, breathable or laminates our PE-films for inco diapers and incontinence products are safe, secure and discrete. 

  • Trioboss™ is a cast embossed film for incontinence products and comes in a variety of low weights from 13 gsm to 100 gsm. The films are also available in custom made colors and prints.
  • Breathable film for incontinence products with CaCO3 is made breathable by stretching the film to create micro holes. Our films come in a variety of low weights from 11 gsm to 35 gsm. They can be printed in one or two colors, depending on customer-specific requests.
  • Triobond™ laminates are produced as strip coated or hot melted breathable or non-breathable textile back sheets. They can be made from 16 gsm to 60 gsm.

Go green with Triogreen™. Our Triogreen™ sustainable films for incontinence products offer precisely the same performance and characteristics as our regular PE products, but with the competitive advantage of a lower environmental impact by using responsibly sourced bio-based raw materials. The PE film is also 100% recyclable, so it is easy to go green and meet future environmental regulatory and consumer demands.

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