Choose protective and recyclable packaging films without compromise

Trioworld offers smart packaging films developed specifically for forest industry transportation and storage. Our extensive range includes films for protection against contamination, moisture, and mould attacks on sawn and planed timber, as well as films for felling residues that will be converted into biofuel. At the same time the product line offers additional film properties, for instance high friction to provide excellent anti-slip protection. 

All solutions can be tinted in different colours while UV stabilisation and anti-static properties can be added according to your wishes. Additionally, we offer different print solutions for your film – from simple marking to flexographic print in up to four colours – so your brand is instantly recognisable.

All films also can be delivered with anti-slip function based on the industry’s recommendation. This is founded upon the “Wood Technical Report No. 72 Friction and Strength of Materials for Wood Wrapping, Ingemar Sandberg, TräteknikCentrum 1985” and based on SIS/TS 12:2006 measurements. The Swedish Board for Occupational Safety and Health encourages the saw mills to follow this recommendation and thereby fulfil the demands of the Law of Occupational Environment AML 3 Chap 10 §.