Laminate films for food packaging – Adding strength, flexibility and sustainability

Trioworld weldable laminating films provide barrier strength, flexibility and protection for high performance and sensitive food packaging. Easy to process they reduce the time and temperature needed for sealing.


Extensive range to meet the most stringent packaging demands. Our broad range of high- performance films for lamination and specialist films meet the toughest requirements needed to protect food products. Due to our excellent quality and the safety of Trioworld PE-films are often used as the protective layer closest to the food product. Trioworld PE-films also improve processability by reducing the time and temperature needed for sealing packages.

Go green with Triogreen™. Our Triogreen™ PE film range for lamination comes in several renewable material options from 25% up to 90% of the film material. The green-PE films are available in three layers from 20 μm up to 90μm depending on customer-specific requests. Triogreen™ sustainable products offer precisely the same performance and characteristics as our regular PE products, but with the competitive advantage of a lower environmental impact and PE-films are 100% recyclable.

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