FFS FOOD PACKAGING FILMS – Weldable and puncture-proof to provide the perfect protective barrier 

Trioworld films for FFS food packaging keeps your protective barrier intact and high-speed production efficiency rolling. With innovative sustainable solutions available too, you can easily reduce your environmental impact and give your brand a green competitive edge.


Films developed for high-speed action. Our FFS films for food applications are specifically designed for printed roll material used in the high-speed form, fill and seal (FFS) processes where weldability and puncture resistance are critical. We offer a wide range of film thicknesses from 25µm up to 90µm.

Flexible and customized printing solutions. We offer high-quality flexography printing in up to up to 8 colors and can also cater to customized FFS film needs and requirements.

Go green with Triogreen™. Our Triogreen™ sustainable products for FFS film offer precisely the same performance and characteristics as our regular PE products, but with the competitive advantage of a lower environmental impact by using responsibly sourced bio-based raw materials. The PE film is also 100% recyclable, so it is easy to go green and meet future environmental regulatory and consumer demands.  

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