Form, fill, seal

At Trioworld we focus on quality and functionality when we tailor FFS film to our customers. We know how important it is that the film protects your product(s) and works in line with your needs and wishes. We always do our very best to ensure excellent film quality at the lowest possible price per unit. By choosing Trioworld as your supplier you also choose a close partner who ensures you get a customized film when it comes to strength, dimension, friction and print.       

Our FFS-film can be produced in a quality and with features allowed for foodstuffs. Our independent expert partners test our films in laboratories and ensure they live up to the high standards that apply within this area. 

Likewise, Trioworld is your competent partner when it comes to delivering UN approved packing films for hazardous goods in accordance with the European ARD Convention. We have experience in producing, testing and obtaining approval of films for hazardous goods in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, meeting the highest requirements in terms of both quality and safety.