A winning partnership for the best bedding wrapping

When RS Mustang started its business 30 years ago, it also began its collaboration with Trioworld – a successful partnership that is still flourishing.

I have always been interested in horses and more or less grew up on the back of a horse,” says Rainer Ström, CEO of RS Mustang – Scandinavia’s only complete supplier of bedding products in a wide range of materials including peat and chopped straw. “Our customers are in the horse business and one thing they have in common is wanting to give their horses the best, regardless of whether it is bedding or fodder,” he says It was exactly that thought that formed the basis for the company. Rainer considered it was difficult to find quality bedding in Sweden for his horses and had to import it from England. The imported bedding turned out to be the starting point for RS Mustang, which began trading in 1985. In the same year, Trioworld began supplying the company with wrapping to protect the products during storage and delivery. “At the start it was just a pure coincidence that it was Trioworld, but that coincidence led to a smooth partnership that has worked ever since,” says Rainer.

Trioworld is an important partner
The long-term partnership is due to Trioworld’s broad offering, strong expertise and high involvement, in combination with great respect for RS Mustang’s business. “It’s very important to me that my suppliers take responsibility for their products and deliveries, so everything works within my business. Trioworld has always assumed that responsibility,” states Rainer. A large part of the secret behind RS Mustang’s success is the ability to sense market needs and continuously develop products that are aligned with customers’ requirements. Trioworld has also been an important partner in this area over the years. For Trioworld, new products at RS Mustang also means the further development of existing products or, in certain cases, completely new products – all with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the customer’s production flow. “We work closely with our customers to ensure our products are always adapted for their business. When we develop new products, we naturally also take into consideration our shared environment. This could mean using thinner plastic or recycled material in order to minimize our environmental effect, without it affecting the quality or function of the product we deliver,” says Jonas Friberg, sales representative at Trioworld.

An appealing future scenario
RS Mustang is in a strong growth phase, which means constantly increasing production volumes. There is strong growth potential both in and beyond Europe, where exports to markets such as South Korea, China, Japan and Australia are expected to increase in the next few years. This outlook opens up completely new opportunities for the company. “I am an entrepreneur and innovator, so developing, improving and refining are the aspects that drive me. To also have the opportunity to do that in completely new markets is a fantastic challenge. I don’t know if everyone would agree, but for me Monday is the best day of the week,” he concludes.

About RS Mustang
RS Mustang is Scandinavia’s only complete bedding producer offering peat, peat mix, wood shavings, paper litter, wood shaving pellets, straw pellets, agricultural litter and chopped straw. The output is used for horses, cows, pigs, poultry and other livestock. RS Mustang, which sells fodder for all types of horses, is a market leader in muesli horse feed, but also offers several other types of horse feed in pellet form. RS Mustang has been in business since 1985.