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FFS Loop and Bio film solutions 

Driven by our environmental responsibility Trioworld were the first to offer FFS solutions based on bio-based and recycled material.

Our Loop Flat and Tubular films are sustainable solutions based on recycled material. The Loop FFS film is made from 30-70% recycled material reducing the carbon footprint significantly.

Our Bio Flat film solutions produced with bio-allocated polyethylene, carbon footprint is reduced up to 100% with no compromise on tear, puncture- and process stability. 

With our sustainable brands, Trioworld aims to be in the vanguard of new developments within innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

We offer a sustainable solution for all our FFS films.

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FFS Bio and Loop Solutions


Driven by our environmental responsibility we offer our customers a form-fill-seal film made from bio-allocated polyethylene.

With our Bio Flat film solutions produced with bio-allocated polyethylene, carbon footprint is reduced up to 100% with no compromise on tear, puncture and process stability. It is available in four different qualities to cover the different needs of the market. FFS films are suitable for packaging of e.g. peat moss, wood pellets, sand, granules, powder, animal and pet food. Bio FFS is certified according to ISCC PLUS based on mass balance principle to ensure full traceable background.


why you should choose a bio ffs film

  • Available in three different qualities; Premium, Ultra Tough, Ultra Form and Ultra Seal
  • CO2 neutral
  • No compromise on puncture and tear strength


Our new Loop FFS film has the same properties as conventional packaging film – with significantly less environmental impact.

With our new Loop FFS Flat and Tubular films, packaging can be made with significantly less environmental impact as the carbon footprint is reduced significantly. We have been able to create a film with 30-70% recycled material without losing quality and process stability. The film is suitable for most applications such as peat moss, wood pellets, sand, granules, powder and animal feed. Our Loop FFS provides a sustainable film packaging solution for maximum efficiency, high load-stability and brand value.


BENEFITS of choosing a loop ffs film

  • Suitable for most packaging applications
  • Made with 30-70% recycled material
  • At least 20% less carbon footprint
  • No compromise on process stability and functionality
  • Trioworld assures supply via vertical integration
  • Reduces CO2 emissions significantly

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Armin Högenauer, Head of pellet production at Dorr-Biomassehof

“Trioworld has been a guiding partner for us in finding the optimal bags for our production line, that lives up to our high ambition within sustainability. They have been guiding us to find the right solutions based on our needs, to support our promise on quality and sustainability”

Reduce the carbon footprint with Bio

Our Bio solutions is produced with bio-allocated polyethylene, which reduces carbon footprint with up to 100%, with no compromise on tear, puncture and process stability.

Bio can be used in all varieties of films and products, making it an alternative to fossilbased polyethylene as it has the same properties, with a lower environmental impact.  

ISCC PLUS certification based on mass balance principle ensures full traceable background.



Reduce waste and emissions with Loop

Loop is our range of circular products containing post-consumer recycled material. With our extensive experience in recycled plastic, we’ve refined both the quality of the material and the processes used to produce high-quality film with stable properties.

By using post-consumer recycled material, you not only reduce waste and carbon emissions. You actually add value to waste by creating an incentive to collect and reuse.

The result of which is circularity – a responsible way to save resources and prevent valuable waste materials from ending up in nature.

Ensuring a sustainable supply chain

At Trioworld, we believe that true circularity in plastics can only be achieved by working with all stakeholders within the value chain. That’s why we work closely with our customers to innovate the industry’s best circular plastic-based packaging solutions.

To ensure a more sustainable supply chain, we have vertically integrated the entire recycling process to control supply and quality of recycled material.

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Our sustainable FFS films offer a best-in-class film solution that assures high performance while also being environmentally responsible. If you want to learn more about our FFS solutions and what we can do for your company, feel free to fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible: