E-commerce packaging – Perfectly wrapped sustainable solutions

Trioworld PE- and PP- films for e-commerce packaging provide safe and smart packaging solutions whatever the shape or size our weldable and strong films ensure a secure customer delivery every time.


Comprehensive range of e-commerce solutions. Our PE- and PP-films for E-commerce packaging are specifically developed for bags and printed roll material used in tailormade packaging solutions. Our strong films offer excellent weldability and stable processing. They come in several thicknesses from 20µm up to 100µm.

Flexible and customized printing solutions. We offer high-quality flexography printing in up to up to 8 colors and can also cater to customized e-commerce film packaging needs and requirements.

Go green with Triogreen™ & Trioloop™. You can lower your carbon footprint and offer sustainable packaging solutions to your customers with our Triogreen™ & Trioloop™ range. Triogreen™ is made from fossil-free responsibly sourced renewable materials, and Trioloop™ is made from recycled materials. Both offer precisely the same performance and characteristics as our regular PE products, but with the competitive advantage of an even lower environmental impact. The PE film is also 100% recyclable, so it is easy to go green and meet future environmental regulatory and consumer demands.

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Product benefits

  • Robust and reliable film strength even in the thinnest options for safe and secure e-commerce deliveries
  • Low weight green packaging solutions based on fossil-free renewable (Triogreen™) and recycled (Trioloop™) materials provide sustainable market alternatives and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Excellent weldability and puncture-resistant films for high-speed efficiency in your production.
  • Greater brand impact and communication with high-quality printing surfaces





Up to 7 colours + lacquer


Up to 8 colours


Dual/Combo printing


Tailor designed perforation


Smart Tracer


Smart Non pinking






Seal layer


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