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Circular Plastics Alliance: Trioworld commitment for increased recycling.

In line with the European Commissions ambitious European Strategy for Plastics (2018) and based on the voluntary pledges done by the industry, the Circular Plastics Alliance was launched 2018.

The aim for the Alliance is to enable an uptake of 10 Million tons of recycled plastics in products placed on the European market 2025. Today the Alliance have approximately 300 signatories covering the whole plastics value chain.

Trioworld committed to the Alliance late 2019 and have worked actively in the progress towards an increased circularity through recycling in our segments since then. We have chosen to participate in the Agriculture, Packaging and Monitoring working groups, and here we have focused on design for recycling and recycled content thematic groups.

Since the start we have prioritised to emphasise the need of standardisation in the plastics industry transition, as we have seen that without a common agreed fundamental basis to lean on, the misconception of circularity for plastics leads to greenwashing and confusion on the market.

In the Commitment there are a number of deliverables identified for the Signatories to develop and report. All these deliverables are now available on the Circular Plastics Alliance platform;

  • Work plan on design for recycling, including the list of 26 plastic product categories that the alliance commits to make recyclable;
  • Untapped potential report Roadmap to 10 million tonnes where the equation of the complexity of the challenge is mapped;
  • Recycled content report, that identifies thresholds and solutions to enable the increased uptake of recycled plastics in products;
  • State of Play on Collection and Sorting explaining into the current situation in the five sectors when it comes to collection and sorting;
  • Research and Development agenda for circular plastics that identifies the areas that needs investments to enable the 10 million tons;
  • Monitoring platform that sets up the criteria for the platform for the value chain to report the respective volumes in order to track the progress for the 10 million tons.

The last deliverable is the Standardisation Request that have been generated through all the work that have been done in CPA these 3 years, but mainly coming from the Design for recycling dedicated product teams, is now in formal consultation. This is the final step before acceptance, and then the 58 standards that is in the request shall be developed by CEN CENELEC the coming 3 years.

For Trioworld the engagement in CPA have been of high value as we have had the opportunity to work in the whole value chain. We have been given the chance to form the future for the plastic industry in Europe by having a close collaboration with the European Commission that have worked in very good companionship with us. We have shared our experience and have been listened to. But we have also been informed along the way about the fundaments of the Plastic Strategy and where it will lead.

We hope that the Alliance will continue to work, both with the parts that needs enforcement, but also to share the experience in a global perspective to encourage the change to circular economy for the global plastic industry in order to reduce our collective environmental impact.

Blog by Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson

About the Author

Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson

Director Regulatory Affairs & Strategic Innovation, Chair ISO/TC61/SC14/WG 5 Mechanical & Chemical Recycling.

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