“Trioworld’s great advantage is working close to the market and its great understanding of our customers and their needs”

Long-term collaboration and an understanding of the customer’s business is the perfect basis for innovation and development. With our feet firmly rooted in reality, we create solutions and products that lead to true benefit for the end customer. Therefore Trioworld always seeks close, long-term collaborations with its customers as this approach has shown itself to be successful for all concerned.

A good example is the collaboration between Trioworld and Felleskjøpet, the latter being an agricultural cooperative owned by 44,000 Norwegian farmers. Felleskjøpet works to create and implement improvements for its members and for Norwegian agriculture in general. The cooperative regards its collaboration with Trioworld as positive and stimulating.

“Trioworld’s great advantage is working close to the market and its great understanding of our customers and their needs,” says Jan Håvard Kingsrød, Felleskjøpet’s Product Manager for stretch film.

“Our customer meetings and presentations for around 70–80 contractors on each occasion are greatly appreciated and give farmers a better overall understanding of our products and how to properly, and as effectively as possible, wrap bales with stretch film,” says Robert Gustafsson who is a Product Specialist at Trioworld.

“Technical support, advice and customer meetings with on-site training in every country where we do business form an important part of our operation,” he adds.

“We regard ourselves as Felleskjøpet’s partner, and our collaboration means we get closer to the end customer and gain a better understanding of their workday,” says Fredrik Josefsson, salesman at Trioworld.

This means that during product development Trioworld already knows that the products will work and make a difference for end customers. And Felleskjøpet feels being able to take part and influence things and make sure their members get what they ask for is a great advantage. This naturally adds value for Felleskjøpet as an organisation, and ultimately the farmers get products that are better suited to their particular needs.

“We find that being able to take part in product development and having the ability to provide feedback as to how things can be even better, are great strengths,” says Jan Håvard Kingsrød

“Product development is a constant work in progress. It’s not just about new products, but also improvements in the existing product range that can be adapted to both new technologies and raw materials,” explains Robert Gustafsson.