Mantle film keeps it wrapped up tight

Per Johnsson helps Trioworld to test new products and has long experience in assessing different materials. Per produces around 8,000 bales each season and has a clear picture of the benefits of mantle film when producing silage. “My customers decide whether I use net wrap or mantle film, but there is a lot to say in favour of switching to mantle film,” reckons Per. “In my experience I get better quality silage when I use net replacement film. The bales are more compact, with a shape that looks good and is easy to handle. If a bale gets damaged I’ve noticed that I get less mould damage if the bale is protected by a continuous film. When you are feeding it’s more convenient to open the bale all at once without having to separate different materials.” 

Per feels that it is useful to have different widths, so he can choose which film to use depending on the conditions. “It’s often good to have some overlap at the edge, as this makes good, strong bales,” explains Per. “But there are times when I produce dryer silage and then the hard edge can tear the film. Then it's better to use film without an overlap at the edge.”