We are farmers


At Trioworld we are driven by finding new ways to increase efficiency. In the field of agriculture, we are committed to increasing efficiency and profitability and improving the sustainability of farmers and contractors who work with our products and solutions. Users of Trioworld products for silage and storage of high quality feed can be sure that we never compromise on quality because your values ​​are important to us. Our range is wide with stretch film for bales, net replacement film, silage wide sheet and horticulture films.

Trioworld has a very close cooperation with entrepreneurs and farmers. The exchange of experiences between our product specialists and those who use our products daily plays a very important role in our development process.

We have carefully chosen raw materials and allowed farmers, contractors, machine manufacturers, independent research institutes and SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) to test our films.

Bale wrap film

Bale wrap

The silage stretch film is used to preserve and store the forage in a way that maintains the high nutritional value. Through silage in bales, the animals can be fed with high quality feed all year around. Trioworld offers premium films with 1500-2600 m per reel, both with and without packaging. With more meters per reel, the efficiency increases during wrapping, resulting in improved profitability and time savings for entrepreneurs and farmers. With less transport and better material utilization, we can also reduce the environmental impact.

Mantle film

Net Replacement Film

Mantle film together with high quality silage stretch film simplifies handling and improves silage quality with more compact and stable bales. Silage stretch film and mantle film can be opened and removed in a single step. This means that manual handling can be minimized by using an automatic opener. The waste films can then be recy­cled in the same waste fraction, which saves a lot of time-consuming work.


Mantle film and silage stretch film, a superb combination

By using a combination of our products each bale of silage you produce has the best possible foundations for efficient han­dling and maximum financial yield


Lars Drewniok

"If you want to produce premium feed, you also must rely on premium quality in terms of technology. We do not make any compromises!"