Trioworld wins Packnorth Award 2022 for recycled flexible food packaging

Today Trioworld was awarded the Packnorth Award in the category ‘Food packaging’ for the first Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic film, approved for frozen food packaging.

In May of this year, Trioworld launched the first 30% PCR plastic film, approved for frozen food packaging when Lidl introduced this innovative solution for their cinnamon buns and cardamum buns in Sweden.

Trioworld’s Food Loop30 solution is powered by an innovative five-layer concept that has met all the required tests and simulations as required by the European Regulations for Food Contact Material. The packaging is made of 30% recycled PCR and is 100% recyclable.

With the target to increase the percentage of recycled plastics in its products to 50% by 2030, Trioworld continues to develop a thinner Food Loop film for food application areas.

Two more Trioworld Loop products were nominated in the categories 'Industrial packaging' and 'Inclusive and/or sustainable design’:

  • Trioworld Loop Stretch Hood Loop50 contains fifty percent PCR. It reduces the CO2 footprint by more than thirty percent through the strong increase in recycled material. This without increasing the thickness of the film or affecting the product properties. The film is fully recyclable.
  • Trioworld Stretch Film Blown Loop30 with thirty percent PCR, which is both durable and maintains very high performance. The high quality comes from blow extrusion which provides a very high puncture resistance and stability for loading. The recycled content reduces the CO2 footprint. The film is thinner than our first high-quality and durable stretch film launched last year, and it also has higher stretchability. 

* Loop = Trioworlds products with at least 25% Post-Consumer Recyclates (PCR) e.g, plastic which has been used for its intended purpose

About Packnorth Awards

The Packnorth Award is the Nordic region's new packaging competition. A jury has reviewed and scored nominated contributions in four areas – graphic design, the impact of the packaging, the choice of material and circularity.

The organizer of the Packnorth Award is AGI Publishing House in collaboration with nord emballage and the price ceremony was held at Scanpack in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 4, 2022.