Trioworld launches recycled food packaging with Lidl Sweden

Together with Lidl Sweden, Trioworld is launching the first post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic film, approved for frozen food packaging when Lidl introduces the innovative solution with their cinnamon buns and cardamum buns in Sweden this week.


Trioworld has developed a groundbreaking new multi-layer Loop packaging that revolutionizes food packaging. The project was initiated together with RISE and Lidl Future Initiatives (LFI) and the mission was to develop a recyclable food contact material containing PCR.

“We are extremely proud that we are the first retailer to launch a food packaging containing recycled plastic,” says Gabriella Goldman, Brand- CSR and Communications director, Lidl Sweden.

Trioworld’s solution is powered by an innovative 5-layer concept that has met all the required tests and simulations as required by the European Regulations for Food Contact Material. The packaging is made of 30% recycled PCR and is 100% recyclable. It will see its first commercial use as a packaging solution for Lidl Sweden’s cinnamon buns and cardamom buns, hitting the shelves this week.

“With this innovation we can confidently say we’re a leading manufacturer within sustainable flexible packaging. Trioworld’s multi-layer Loop offers Lidl a packaging solution that is not only fully recyclable but made from 30% post-consumer recycled material and reduces their carbon footprint”, says Evert Paardekooper, Division President Consumer Packaging at Trioworld.

Trioworld has a target to increase the percentage of recycled plastics in their products to 50% by 2030 and is now continuing to develop thinner multi-layer Loop film for more food application areas.

About Lidl
Lidl is a chain of grocery stores and have been expanding strongly throughout Europe for over 40 years. Lidl Sweden currently operates 203 stores and over 5000 employees - offering highest quality at the lowest price.

About LFI
Lidl Future Initiatives is a sustainability project from Lidl Sweden, that provides financial support for sustainability projects. In 2019, the “Plastic Challenge” was implemented, and in 2020 the “Sustainability Emergency” and a total of SEK 21 million has been distributed to projects that contribute to making the world better for future generations. The money distributed has been contributed by Lidl's customers through a price increase on plastic bags from June 2018 to April 2020.

About Trioworld Group
Trioworld, founded in 1965, is a leading supplier of high-performance plastic film, providing solutions for consumer and industrial packaging, transport and load security, agriculture, hygiene, and medical technology. The company is a leading player in the segment with a turnover of 750 million EUR and 1500 employees. The group´s head office is in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, with production in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and France. Our products and solutions are sold around the world.


More information? Check our page: pcrfoodpackaging.trioworld.com