Trioworld and major Nordic agricultural cooperatives take a unique step to reduce bale wrap climate impact

Together with major Nordic Agricultural Cooperatives, Trioworld turn the bale wrap market over from virgin to recycled material in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to reduce the climate impact from agriculture in the Nordics.

Trioworld, a leader in sustainable polyethylene film solutions for agriculture, has long declared its ambitious goals driving circularity in plastics. In a partnership, the major Nordic agricultural cooperatives Lantmännen in Sweden, Felleskjöpet in Norway, and Hornsyld Købmandsgaard in Denmark, and Trioworld will now increase the pace of moving the market into recycled content-based solutions, so called “Trioworld Loop solutions”, e.g., products based on PCR content (Post-Consumer Recyclates, material that has been used for its intended purpose).

The project will be implemented in a three-year plan, by continuously replacing products made of virgin material with PCR based products, leading up to a full-range portfolio of recycled material-based bale wrap in 2025. The first step will be a replacement of the standard 25µ 1500m film, which will only be available with recycled content in the upcoming 2023 season.

“We know that this is quite an aggressive plan, but with the long-term relationship between Trioworld and the cooperatives, we feel confident to lead the market towards recycled products together”, says Göran Ericson, Business Director Agri at Trioworld. “Moreover, we are convinced that our products with recycled content will rise to the challenge. We have succeeded to not only develop products that have the same wrapping performance and mechanical properties as a virgin film, but they have also been certified by RecyClass* and have been tested by an independent research institute regarding silage quality. The 25-micron loop bale wrap film has been in the market since 2019 and has been tried and tested worldwide with entirely positive feedback”, Göran continues.

All products in the Trioworld Loop range will contain a minimum of 30% PCR material, sourced from used agricultural films, which does not only drive circularity in agriculture, but will also significantly decrease the carbon footprint. For all Loop products a Life Cycle Assessment is available stating the carbon footprint reduction compared to the same bale wrap film made from fossil raw material. By switching to a Loop bale wrap 25µ, a reduction of approximately 30% will be achieved. The positive feedback and rapid development have also led to Loop products being available for 21µ films and mantle film, which also will be available for the coming season.

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For further information, please contact:
Göran Ericson, Business Director Agri at Trioworld, +46 70 5234670 
Anders Larsson, Product manager Agri Stretch at Trioworld, +46 70 399 46 50

In the picture,f.l.t.r.: Poul Möller (Hornsyld), Göran Ericson (Trioworld), Helena Häggblad (Lantmännen), Jan Håvard Kingsrød (Felleskjøpet)