Trioworld creates the Triosilo brand for its silage films and is again certified by Blue Angel

The Trioworld Group, formerly Trioplast, is a Swedish corporate group founded in 1965 and one of the leading manufacturers of polyethylene in Europe. In France, the group has a production site based in Ombrée d'Anjou (Maine-et-Loire), dedicated to the production of agricultural plastic films for the forage conservation. Thus, the company has chosen to group all its products for bunker silage under the Triosilo brand. Newly created, this brand allows the company to structure its range around a name in line with its activity. In addition, and after having been a precursor by opening its first recycling plant in 1985, Trioworld obtained several eco-certifications, including the very demanding Blue Angel label for its Trioblack silage film. One year later, in September 2021, the Triocare silage film received the Blue Angel certification as well. Composed of 90% post-consumer recycled plastics, Triocare is, besides Trioblack, the only silage film in the world to have this label.

Triosilo, a range produced from recycled polyethylene and 100% recyclable

"Triosilo was created to promote the 4 silage products (Trioblack, Triocare, Triosun and Triotech) manufactured and marketed by Trioworld. This brand will allow us to harmonize and target our communication in the field with our direct customers and our end customers, the farmers. Triosilo's promise is to choose a responsible quality based on three values: innovation, proximity and environment", explains Thierry GAUCHET, Managing Director of Trioworld France Ombrée d’Anjou.

A global environmental approach, unique and specific to Trioworld

Within the Triosilo brand, two silage films are Blue Angel certified. Blue Angel is the oldest environmental certification in the world. The German label’s challenges lie in its demanding criteria. To get it, the company must prove that its marketed products contain at least 80% recycled material from post-consumer waste. This new performance allows Trioworld to confirm its position as a leader among environmentally friendly companies in the agricultural plastics industry.
Sensitive to environmental issues, which is a strategic development axis, Trioworld has already obtained several recognitions for its commitment to responsible agriculture. Among them, the company is EUCERPLAST certified, guaranteeing 94% of recycled used plastics in its regranulates, and the "MORE 2021" label promotes the integration of recycled plastics in the production of its silage films.

In addition, Trioworld's level of requirement goes further as the life cycle analysis (LCA) of each of its products is measured, monitored and available for each silage sheet marketed. The company was assisted by an independent institute to carry out these audits and communicate their results.

About the film Triocare

Its high resistance to perforation and UV rays (up to 18 months) and its wide range of lengths, up to 400 m, make this film very well suited to large silos for the fodder conservation. Triocare is available in different colours: white, black, black/white, black/green.