Trioplast proud sponsor of the Swedish champion in Kitefoil Karolina Larsson

In September, Karolina Larsson won Sweden’s first Swedish Championship in Kitefoil in the women’s class and placed very well in the mixed class with both women and men. The Trioplast employee Karolina has also very good results from international snowkite competitions where she most recently won IFKO’s World Championship in Canada in 2019.

The Trioplast employee Karolina Larsson is Swedish champion in Kitefoil and is now aiming on the Olympic Summer Games in Paris 2024.

– In Trioplast we believe that this is a unique opportunity to invest in Karolina and help her to take the next step in a sport that is environmentally friendly, relatively new, fast-paced and demanding says Andreas
Malmberg, CEO Trioplast Group.

– Being there, out in the sea, is important for me and I spend a lot of my time in the water. It is a place for training but also recovery. I want to be able to contribute to more people discovering their relationship to nature and being able to get strength and energy from there, just like me. Having a final goal is the driving force for me, but I also think it is at least as important to appreciate the way of getting there. I want to share my journey towards my goal with everyone who supports me and in this way the journey becomes not only mine, but also for the people around me, says Karolina Larsson.

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– As responsible for Åsa Surfklubb, we are very proud of Karolina, she is one of Sweden’s best kite surfers and snow kiters who now receives support from Trioplast to achieve her dream, the 2024 Olympics in Paris.
Our club had the privilege of arranging Sweden’s first Swedish Championship in the sport that she won and will also host Kitefoil during the Swedish Championship week in Halmstad. We look forward to supporting Karolina with our cutting-edge expertise in kite racing and our international network and wish her luck, says Peter Ingerstam, chairman of Åsa Surfklubb and the Swedish Kite Association.