Trend alert: The usage of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material in tissue and hygiene packaging

The past few months we’ve show cased the benefits of “Post-Consumer Recycled” (PCR) material in packaging for frozen food applications. But frozen food isn’t the only industry that is enthusiastically embracing the benefits of PCR packaging. Tissues and other hygiene related products are another example of an industry that’s been pushing the envelope when it comes to environmentally conscious production.

Previous trends within tissue and hygiene packaging

While PCR might be the hot new advancement on the block, tissue and hygiene packaging has been working with sustainable alternatives for a long while. Before PCR came up one of the biggest focuses of this industry was “Downgauging”: reducing the thickness of packaging, which in turn reduces the amount of (prime) material used. That said, downgauging would never reach the holy grail of sustainable packaging (closing the loop) by itself. For that, it needed help from new packaging advancements like Post-Consumer Recycled material. This is why Trioworld has been leading the market, pushing tissue and hygiene producers to adapt PCR material for their packaging products. And this trend is moving fast: all the more reason to look at it more closely!

PCR usage in tissue and hygiene packaging

Enter the new (sustainable) packaging on the block: PCR usage in tissue and hygiene packaging. Trioworld’s first goal when experimenting with PCR Packaging was to create a PCR alternative that would functionally stay close to prime PE. This meant that the packaging would for example still need to be of the same thickness, or at least stay close to the thickness of prime concepts. If we’d have to double the concept’s thickness just to get a functioning product when using PCR, one could question the effectiveness.

With an appropriate amount of pride Trioworld has been able to create a PCR concept that’s uniquely suited for tissue packaging or hygiene packaging (like diapers). This concept is still of the same thickness as the ongoing prime packaging many suppliers offer but has swapped at least half of the prime material with a much more sustainable PCR material.

Currently, Trioworld has already established a commercial concept that offers an impressive 60% PCR for tissue packaging and also up to 30% PCR in hygiene packaging right know. As mentioned earlier, we are pleasantly surprised by the speed with which our tissue and hygiene customers are adopting this alternative sustainable concept for their products. Of course, while we’re incredibly proud of our current success we’re also already hard at work at further improvements!

Future trends within PCR in tissue and hygiene packaging

Never standing still we’re already making further investments for our sustainable tissue and hygiene packaging portfolio. Further improvements that are currently still being developed within Trioworld are for example:

  • Further downgauging of the total packaging concept’s thickness.
  • Increasing the percentage of PCR within the total packaging concept to even higher levels.
    Our packaging developers hope to one day reach a 100% PCR in tissue packaging or 100% hygiene packaging that is functionally equal to prime material.
  • Further general improvements to material structure, material strength and material quality.
    The latest improvements within PCR material aim towards making PCR a stable material. To create a material that has a consistent performance and look.
  • A “closed-loop” PCR project that would continually re-use the exact same material time-and-time again.
    This point goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. As Trioworld’s PCR material gets more
    mature and more stable we also keep getting closer towards a world in which we can continually re-use the same PCR material, fully “closing the loop”.


At Trioworld we feel a great responsibility to educate and change the market. To guide our customers and clients to a more sustainable packaging portfolio, and to use- and re-use our material over and over again. That’s something we can only do standing side-by-side with our customers, creating a better future together.

Do you feel the same responsibility, or are you simply curious to know more about our PCR usage in tissue and hygiene packaging? Get in touch with our experts and let us help you discover the benefits of post-consumer recycled material!