Reduced downtime with a high-quality Stretch hood

At Rockwool we met the production manager, John Frederiksen, who talks about how a high-quality Stretch hood reduces downtime and secures their load.

In Trioworld we always seek input from our customers and listen to how we can do better. We recently visited Rockwool to learn more about how we create value for them through our packaging solutions. We had a great talk about what a high-quality Stretch hood meant for their operations. One of the main benefits was reducing downtime, where the key is having a packaging of a consistent quality that ensures the safety of both your products and people. 

“With a consistent high quality of the Stretch hood, I can use my employees more effectively”  
John Frederiksen, Production Manager at Rockwool.


Minimizing downtime with Stretch hood
Downtime is a period during which an equipment is not fully funtional, which can be due to materials, labor and power. Downtime is when employees are involuntarily idle in their work tasks due to these technological or equipment malfuctions.

For a company that relies on using Stretch hoods as their final packaging, this would imply that the employees constantly would have to monitor and correct mistakes if the packaging was not of an efficient quality. It is therefore essential to have a high-quality packaging in order to minimize downtime and thereby reduce costs and ensure a more efficient operation.

Rockwool has been a partner of Trioworld for more than 35 years. A journey with close coorporation and constant focus on optimising operations and minimizing material spent.  We always customize and optimize our films to match our customers packagning needs and a great partnership is important so that we together can find the best solution.

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