Trioworld decides to go for RecyClass certification scheme to prove PCR content in its products

Trioworld has decided to use RecyClass recycled plastics traceability certification to prove the share of PCR (Post-Consumer Recyclates) in its products. This decision was taken after carefully reviewing different certifications. Implementation of the certification is now ongoing within the Trioworld group of companies.

"We want to be able to prove to our customers that what we claim is true" says Oskar Karlsson, Chief Procurement Officer and VP Sustainability at Trioworld and continues “By using RecyClass certification for recycled plastics we have a third-party assurance of the PCR content in the products that we certify.”

Trioworld has made a strong commitment to increase the use of recycled plastic and especially the use of PCR (Post-Consumer Recyclates, i.e., plastic that has been used for its intended purpose) in its products. The independent expert IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB was contracted to perform an evaluation of the different certification schemes available, to be able to validate the PCR content of the products.

“It is important that the certification scheme we selected was product specific, as we wanted to be able to show our customers the PCR-content in the product they use. In addition, we wanted a certification that clearly separates PCR from PIR (Post-Industrial Recyclates), is easily available and understandable to all customers “, explains Oskar Karlsson.

The analysis showed RecyClass certification for recycled plastics was the most suitable certification scheme.

Various Trioworld production sites are now implementing the certificate for applicable products. Three sites have already performed the mandatory on-site audit, and we will continue! The next ones are planned for the beginning of 2022.

“There’s a great interest from our customers and many of our production sites want to get certified as soon as possible. During the audit, the auditor ensures traceability of the recycled material, the recipes for the products and the organization set-up for the site. To ensure the origin of the PCR, our suppliers must have an EuCertPlast certificate. “

Oskar Karlsson finishes “We want to lead the industry into circularity, together with our customers. RecyClass certification for recycled plastics is one tool we use to support this.”

If you would like to have more information? The certificates are available on www.trioworld.com/en/about-trioworld/certificates, together with other certificates of Trioworld.

Read more about RecyClass at www.RecyClass.eu and about EuCertPlast at www.eucertplast.eu
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute www.ivl.se/english/ivl.html